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The students take a trip on a spacecraft.

Outer Space

By: Vincent  

I was looking for my bike in the forest when I saw something shiny. I walked up to it in hopes of it being my lost bike but it wasn’t my bike. It was a secret base and the reflection was from a spaceship. I was stunned at the huge spacecraft that I didn’t see my bike being walked into the secret base. I was angry and was confused that my bike was being taken by someone that had an orange suit on him. I wanted to get close to the gate that I saw when my bike was taken. I made up my mind and went in before the gate closed.

I made it in, but I was a sitting duck in here, so I hid behind a wall watching my bike that was next to the blue space ship. I finally had I chance to get my bike that they took. I ran up to my bike, but when I got there I heard somebody coming. I quickly jumped in the supply door in the spaceship and waited until they walked away. And they did. I was relieved, but that didn’t last long. The door was closing while the door was closing. I started to kick it, but I was too late. The door closed and the ship started up its rockets and started to take off. As the ship took off, I looked through the little window on the supply door and watched ship leave the earth. I was too scared to cry or scream. Later, I put myself together and thought how to survive. Well, the fact that I’m in a room full of food is good, but what about my mom? I have to tell her somehow. Then, I remembered my cell phone I quickly called my mom and I got through. I told her everything then the cell phone lost its range because the ship just got in space and now my mom knows. After, I started to rise in the air and was flying around. It was so cool that I almost forgot that I was in this spaceship. I tried some of the food and it wasn’t that bad. They look like toothpaste bottles. After a while, I got bored and was home sick. Also, I just found out that this was going to be a whole year. I wanted to make a calendar so I can keep track of the days. Many months have past since I got on this stupid spaceship. Then one day, the ship landed on the planet Mars. The planet Mars was a freaky place. There was sand on the ground. I wanted to go outside, but I had no suit. Then, the pilots of the ship came out. They walked to the door that I was behind, but I had to hide somewhere I jumped into a pile of food and I dug under the supplies. They opened the door and I held my breath and it was hard to not rise up so I hold onto the ground. They grabbed their food and closed the door. Then, I was able to breathe again. Later, the ship took off again. I was going to go crazy I said to myself. Then, I looked at my calendar just for more months. Well, I have been flying around in the supplies room doing nothing almost for a year and I wanted to go home. But I got to see Mars and it looks different when you get on it. It’s also very cold on Mars. I was able to feel it through the supplies door. But, I wish I never jumped in the spaceship. It looks like a square room with hovering tubes of toothpaste in the supply room I’m stuck in. I looked at my calendar only three months left.

So, I have been doing nothing forever, but now have just three months to go until I go home. Today’s the day I go home. I feel so happy. It's like I’d won a billon dollars and don’t now what to do next. The spaceship starts to head to the earth. While waiting until the spaceship gets to earth, I took a nap for a while. Then, I woke up and the ship was in the earth’s atmosphere and when that happens the ship gets really hot and flames go out of the sides of the ship. Finally, the ship use’s a huge parachute to slow down the ship so it hits the water safely.

My Trip into Space

By:  Lloyd

One day I was walking along past the NASA air base and I saw the shuttle that my friend was going to be going into space on, so I thought that I would sneak onto the shuttle to be with my friend on his mission. I hid onboard the shuttle and waited for it to launch. When the shuttle launched I could feel the shuttle shaking as it flew into the air. Also I could feel the gravity give way. After we left the atmosphere I started to feel sick. Then my friend walked by the box of food that I was hiding behind. He was wearing a NASA uniform with the US air force emblem on it. I whispered for him to come over to me and he said “ What are you doing here” and I told him “ I’m here to keep you company”. Then he said, “you could get into real big trouble with the law if they find you here”. Then I asked him “Is it ok for me to come out of hiding” he told me “Wait here I need to talk to my crew members first’. Later he came back and Told me “It is ok for you to come out they told me they would not tell on you”.

It was ok for me to come out so I did and I got to meet the crew. There was my friend Jake of course, and there was Mark the engineer, Jared the pilot, and John the co-pilot. They said, “You can stay as long as you help out with some stuff.”  I agreed and they let me stay they told me they were on a mission to fly around the moon and study it. On July 4, 2004 we got to have a small celebration and take a break from studying the moon. John said that he could see little lights on the earth, but nobody believed him. After The 4th of July we saw a huge crater on the surface of the moon Jake Told me that it was maid by an asteroid that hit the surface of the moon. Craters covered the moon. The moon looked a lot more different from the shuttle than on Earth. The moon did not look as blue as it usually does it looked gray instead. On the next day we had to repair the wing of the shuttle because a small chunk of an asteroid hit the wing of the shuttle. Mark was going to have to go outside and fix the wing. Before he could go out and fix the wing he had to get into his space suit and get his special space tools. He went out and fixed the wing without any trouble at all. After a couple of days we saw some weird things moving on the moon they were aliens. They where walking upright on two leg like a human they where green and purple. They had tentacles instead of arms and legs. Jake reported it to the NASA head quarters. They told him to continue on with the mission.

We continued with the mission and where almost finished with our mission. We were so happy to finally be going home, but there was a problem about how I was supposed to get off the shuttle without someone seeing me. We started to think about what we where going to do when we landed. We thought for hours and came up with nothing. Then we thought about using a disguise. John said “ What if we put you in the space suit when we land so no one will know its you”. Then Jake said “But what if they notice that there is an extra person”. We started to think about it again. Then Jake said, “I could stay in the shuttle until they leave” Then we decided to use that plan. When we arrived I put on the space suit and Jake hid in the cargo bay. When I walked out side they did not notice that I was not Jake. I left after that, and when I got home I called Jake to see if he made it out with out them seeing him he answered the phone and I asked him if he was ok and he said that he was fine, and that he made it out ok. So I went to bed and fell asleep.

The Moon Voyage

By: Brandon

          One day, I was at home. I was doing my homework. Next, I took a glance at the glow. It was coming from an unusual spacecraft. I slowly touched it, then, my body was flying towards the sky. My clothes were transformed into a space suit instantly. It was white, with a shiny helmet and an intergalactic watch. I wonder what is up there. It looked like a train, but with shiny buttons and enormous space that looked like a school hallway. I was far away from Earth.

          I was inside the spacecraft mysteriously. I do not know spacecrafts, but the rocket ship is the only one that existed. I was in outer space. I could see stars, planets, and asteroids. I was a bit worried, but my parents thought that I was in my room quietly. I saw the space crew; one was a robot named Douglas, and the other who was an alien of some sort was named Jacques. He had antennas and elf ears. “Hello,” I said. I knew their names because Jacques had a uniform, and Douglas’s body was plated with his name. “Hello....” they said, trying to guess my name. “Brandon, I am Brandon,” I said. “Oh yes, Brandon of Earth,” Jacques said with a funny accent. “Whoops, sorry I accidentally became a stowaway,” I said, “I did not know that bright light was a spacecraft.” “That is okay,” Jacques said, “We needed a new crew, and it has been a light-year since an adventurer approached.” “Is that why you chose me?” I asked. “Why yes,” Douglas answered, “A human being on Earth would make an excellent addition to the space crew. As of now, we needed a leader, and that is you!” At this point, I met an alien and a life form, in a spacecraft, and me as a leader of the space crew!

           “So, what is our agenda, cadet troops?” I asked changing my voice. Douglas hooked his system to the spacecraft, and Jacques checked their next mission. “The moon!” he said, “This is tough.” “What?” I asked coming down from the chair. “A utopia!” he answered. “Do you know what this means!?” “What does it mean?” I asked nervously. “It means the moon will move in ease with ease,” he replied, “All sorts of creatures, Martians, or life forms will be forced to work under a hypnotic spell to enlarge the moon.” “So we have to chase the base down and infiltrate it!” I said. “Let’s go!” We chased down the moon as soon as we glanced at in hyper speed. We finally got into the moon’s gravity, and entered the base. It took a year to infiltrate the utopia and saving the moon was hard work. I was so tired.  I came back in the spacecraft. “Let’s celebrate a double party!” Douglas said, “Because we are all a year older, and we saved a giant rock from growing in size.” I felt victorious and excited about this.

I came back home feeling very tired. My clothes are back to normal, but I still have the intergalactic watch with me. “When we need you, we will tell you,” Jacques said on my watch, “Bye.” I saw the spacecraft going into the stars. I told my mom about my adventure, and she laughed. She thought I made it up, but she knew I was a big boy. That is what happened to me on my moon voyage.                



By:  Caitlin


One day I was walking along near a space station. I saw some astronauts boarding on a space craft. I ran to my friend’s house, and I told her what I saw. She was just as excited as me about it. She said, “Lets stow away on the rocket!” I said, “Well alright!” So we left for the space station. When we got there, we found that the rocket was still there. We then stowed ourselves on the space ship. The astronauts were now ready for take-off. Me and my friend thought that it was so exhilarating. We then saw the captain, and we thought he was gorgeous! Then, we finally took off into space.

Space was so amazing! I thought that it would be pretty cool, but never amazing. I was glad that I stowed away onto the ship. I saw a lot of planets, and asteroids. I also saw an alien ship. Then, we arrived onto the moon. On the moon we met Martians.

The Martians were very nice to us. They first, fed us food that was the same as the food on Earth. Second, they let us use their beds to sleep in when we got tired. Third, we were given a welcome party by the Martians. We thanked them for letting us use their beds, and also letting us eat their food. One Martian said, “You are very welcome.” Then, we said goodbye and went back to the ship and boarded. Then, we took off back to Earth.

On the way back, the captain finally noticed me and my friend were on the ship. He asked us why we were on the ship. We said, “We are here because we wanted an adventure.” The captain just laughed and said. “That is how I got to go on my first trip to space.” We were very happy that he didn’t get mad at us. Then he said, “Get ready for the landing.” So we did.

Then, we finally landed. We got out of the space ship with the rest of the crew. We were so happy that we went on that trip to space. Then, the captain came over and said, “How was it on your first trip in space?” We said that it was phenomenal. The captain was happy to hear that. Then me and my friend said that we had to go home. We thanked the captain for his kindness toward us. Then, we left for home. On the way home, my friend and I said that we would never forget this day, and we never did.