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Students pretended to be a scholar from a local university, and wrote a eulogy for the Roman Empire.

The Fall of Rome

By:  Nicole


The Roman Empire suffered many problems in

its final years. There was a decline in morals and values.

Romans would watch the bloody Gladiatorial games and

cheer for a gladiator’s death. The streets of Rome were infested

with crime and violence. Some Emperors wasted money on

lavish parties instead of using it to help with the problems that

were affecting Rome during that time.  Also, there was an increase

in prices. The amount of gold used to make coins decreased,

resulting in coins becoming less valuable. Merchants raised the

prices on what they sold to make up for such losses. Urban Decay

was also one of the reasons why Rome fell. Romans that were

not wealthy had to live in cramped multi-story apartment

buildings called islands. The first-floor rooms were not

occupied by poor Romans because of the rent money they

had to pay. The higher floors had a cheaper rent. Those who

could not pay their rent, were forced out on the streets.


However, the Roman Empire has many lasting achievements too.

Latin was the written and spoken language of Rome. Literature

was also written in Latin. Also, women had more rights and

freedom. They could own property and had political influence.

The Romans also had aqueducts, a creation that brought water

from lakes, springs, and wells. There was a spread in Christianity

in Rome. It was a new religion and soon became the official

religion of Rome. Rome also had a network of concrete roads.

The roads were built to unify distant parts of Rome.


Today, the legacy of the Roman Empire continues to influence

our community in a variety of ways. Women still have the same

equal rights and freedom they did back then. And many words in

the English language originated from Latin. And some Latin is still

spoken throughout some parts of Rome today. Like aqueducts,

we still have a system to transport water. We still use concrete

roads today in our highways, sidewalks, and even buildings.

Also, Christianity is a foundation for many other religions.

We have many things to attribute to the Roman Empire.


A Eulogy for Rome
By:  Raheem
The Roman Empire suffered many problems in

its final year.  Within the Roman Empire there was a

decline in morals and values.  There were crime on the streets

and it was unsafe for the Empire.  The military spend money to

defend the Empire.  The emperor raised the taxes which hurt the

economy.  Urban decay was also bad for the economy.  The

housing was bad and the street was dirty.


However, the Roman Empire has many lasting achievements

too.  The Roman had a system of laws that everyone had to

follow.  The law could be found on twelve tablets.  The Romans

were well known for using Greek ideas and culture.  They used

columns and arches and took ideas from art and literature.  The

Romans use aqueducts.  This helped them get their water from

wells and lakes.  They also used a network of concrete roads. 

Concrete roads helped the Romans travel faster.  The roads were

made of heavy concrete blocks and stones.  Women also had

greater freedom.  Women owned their own businesses and land.


Today, the legacy of the Roman Empire continues to influence

our community in a variety ways.  There are different domes all

around the world.  We still use the dome for the capitol.  We

still have aqueducts around the world.  People still cross

through mountains to get fresh water.  The Romans also made

highway of concrete.  We still use highways made of concrete

to transport people to different places.  We have many things to

attribute to the Roman Empire.


The Roman Empire
By Vincent
The Roman Empire suffered many problems in its final years.  There was a great amount of money going to excessive military spending.  Because of constant attacks, the military had to be in perfect shape to fight off the attacks.  The attacks were a constant drain on the government.  The Roman Empire also had inferior technology compared to other Empires.  Romans were limited almost entirely to engineering services.  The streets were filthy and the Empire was decaying.  Only the lucky Romans were even in a house, while the poor Romans were in the streets where the crimes happened.
However, the Roman Empire had many lasting achievements too.  They had laws that were written on twelve stone tablets. They were hung on the Roman Forum for everyone to see.  Another achievement was Latin language.  Latin was written and spoken in Rome. It was also used in daily activities such as fictional stories and dramas.  It was also in the Roman Catholic Church. They also used it in their every day life.  They also knew about philosophy and architecture.  Architecture was used to make another great thing, aqueducts.  Aqueducts were their way of transporting water.  There was a system of aqueducts that went too most of the houses.
Today, the legacy of the Roman Empire continues to influence our community in a variety of ways. The Romans technology is still used around the world.  Their influence is still around.  For example, the capital building has a dome in it.  There are many other dome structures.  The Roman Empire also made freedom for women a lot better and that is why women still have rights today. They also made concrete roads that are still there.  We still use concrete today. We still see them on our streets.