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Students use the Five Step Writing Process to construct a paragraph.

Playing Football
By Robert
Playing football with my friends is the best.  I'm playing this year on a team in Antioch.  It will be my first time playing in a league.  I hope that I will be quarterback.  I love football.  It is the best.

My First Day with My Goldfish
By Stephen
     I always wanted a pet goldfish.  Before I found them, they were at my church just begging me to get them.  I ended up getting my goldfish on the church's birthday before me and my dad left.  When we got home, we fed them and got them water.  I played with them by poking their fish tank.  Then, I showed them to my cat.  My cat looked at them and ran for dear life.  One of them chased the others around the fish tank until night time.
     The three goldfish croaked and I got three more the next day.  Then, I had four goldfish to worry about.  The cat was on the counter top looking for some food and saw my goldfish, but I saved them.

A Dangerous Job

By:  Antonio


          Being a student is the most dangerous job.  Being a student is very hard.  They give us tests, and they give hard homework.  Listening to the teacher is hard for me.  Miss Colescott and Miss Scola are very stressful.  By the way, Miss Colescott and Miss Scola teach so much they make your eyes pop out.  That’s why being a student is the most dangerous job in the world.

The Beach
By Tessa
I love going to the beach!  I see seagulls flying in the air.  I see the jelly fish.  Their colors are as clear as diamonds.  I find sand crabs and other crabs.  They tickle my hands.  I feel the wind blowing hair in my face.  I feel the sand in my shoes.  I hear my dog barking and playing .  I join in too.  I throw a stick at him.  The stick is rough and clammy.  He splashes me and I like it.  My clothes are wet.  I love the feel of the wind and the beach.

Tornado Safety

By:  Madison


     I learned to be safe in a tornado.  You have to listen to the radio and you have to watch television and listen for the weather.  To be safe in a tornado, you have to hide in a basement or a cellar.  Flying objects may hurt you, but you have to cover yourself with a mattress, cushion or blanket.  To be prepared for a tornado, you have to know ahead of time where you will go to hide.  To be safe when the electricity blows out you have to have several flashlights and batteries.  But make sure you hide in a shelter away from trees and telephone poles.  Be prepared for a tornado.