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The definition of persuade means to convince.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to provide a good argument.  The students were asked to persuade readers to help protect the environment in some way. 

Save the Rainforests

By:  Vincent


     People all around the world have very strong emotions about rainforests.  Rainforests are going to be a problem if they are cut down.  Some companies are destroying the rainforests for their selfish gain.  We can not lose such a land like this.  We need to do something to save them while they’re still here.

     If a rainforest was destroyed tens of thousands of species could possibly become extinct.  This would be a huge loss.  The fact that the companies do it on purpose makes it worse.  Every organism will die.  Every mammal will die.  Every thing would die.  Besides extinction, we could be missing a chance to learn more about the organisms in the rainforest.  We would never know about that organism.  The rainforest could have many other animal secrets in it as well.  The animals are in there natural environment.  Everyone would win if we don’t cut down the rainforests.  There could be an unknown animal in the forest.  A new animal would be amazing to learn about.

     Another problem would be that there would not be as much oxygen.  There would also be more carbon dioxide.   A rainforest is mostly plants.  These plants create a lot of photosynthesis.  Because of photosynthesis, there will be more oxygen.   If there are not any plants, we would run out of oxygen eventually.  So, plants need to be left to do their job.  If there were not any plants, the carbon dioxide would build up.  We can’t breathe that.  We need as many plants as we can get.  It is much easier.  If we’d just stop destroying the rainforests, nature would be much better.  More air and less pollution is the key to good days. In good days, I mean a clean and fresh Earth.   We should not cut the rainforests down.

     Also, if the rainforest is cut down, we could be passing an important chance to discover new medicine.  Like most medicines, we need plants to make them.  There are so many things we haven’t discovered in the rainforest.  There could be a cure for cancer.  With plants, you could do almost anything.  Plants are so amazingly important that we can’t afford to lose any.  Isn’t health more important than making more land?  We could be saving a life, but we make the decision to have one more building.  As time passes, there will be more disease and sickness.  However, if the plants are here, we will all be safe for good.

     Rainforests are located around the world.  There are at least a dozen of locations.  If the rainforests are destroyed, there will be a serious problem.  I know for a fact that the rainforests can only be beneficial to us.  Since all we can get from the rainforest is benefit, we might as well keep them all.  The rainforest is a natural thing that we can’t bring back if it is lost.  So, we the people of Earth should just leave things the way they are and not mess up the world.  Every tree, bird, insect, and every thing else should be left as is and never be touched by the modern world.  Leave the rainforest alone so we can enjoy it forever and be happy.


Save the Rainforests

By: Maya

     Rainforests are admired by all kinds of people both young and old. We must work as one and put all our ideas together and find ways to save our rainforests. If we do save the rainforests, we would make a big difference on our planet. We have to work hard in order to save, and not destroy, our planet.

     One reason people should save rainforests would be that every rainforest is different. Each rainforest around the world has a unique breed of animal. If a smaller version of the animals die out the bigger version of it will slowly fade away. Also, if there are more buildings in place of the rainforests, we would have a higher chance of pollution. We should not destroy the rainforests so that the land could be developed. Rainforests need to be preserved so we can enjoy them in the future.

     The second reason is that we need to protect the many animals that live in the rainforest. If we don’t care for these creatures in the rainforest it will lead to trouble. In the rainforests, there are very special plants. These special plants are getting burned down. We especially need these plants and trees to live. Plants and trees create a gas called oxygen. We need oxygen to live. Without it, we would die just like the animals lives that we are risking at a great cause. Each and everyday someone goes into the rainforest and kills it off. It’s not just one person; it could be at least five to ten people doing this all at the same time. After a few years it builds up. The solution, we need to start realizing and quit ignoring this beautiful landscape of wilderness. There’s one problem, in the food chain there’s a balance. If you disturb that balance, everything will topple over like a bunch of dominos. So, if you kill off the animal’s prey, the animal that ate the prey will die too and so one. 

     At last, the final reason why people should save the rainforest and stop destroying it. There are unknown things in the rainforest including cures to new and old diseases. Some plants may be able to solve this problem. People are having trouble trying to figure out that these important plants may be facing extinction, which means they’ll never come back again. Even though some pharmaceutical companies know about these miracle curing plants, they don’t do anything. It also takes a while to make out the curing part of plant. It’s still worth it.

     Rainforests are very important for the world so people should take care of it no matter what. If we destroy the rainforests, we also take away the homes of several undiscovered species and plants. If we do save the rainforests, we would be increasing the amount of oxygen and decrease the chance of global warming. If we don’t save the rainforest, we would never know what is in these extraordinary parts of our world. It would always remain a mystery. When people use a technique called slash and burn to remove all the trees and plants from the rainforests, it unleashes a toxin called carbon dioxide. When this chemical reaches the atmosphere, it makes it so any plant life can’t survive. So, it is worth doing something about the destruction of rainforests.