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Enter the world of Narnia, as you read the new final chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Back into the Wardrobe
By: Nicole

The children were silent as the Professor walked out of the room. Edmund looked back at the wardrobe, “Do you think...he really believes us about Narnia?” he asked. “Who knows? He might,” replied Lucy, leaning against the wall. Peter scratched his head, “I is it that we spent so many years in Narnia, and in here we’ve only been gone a few minutes?”

His siblings wondered the same thing, and all began asking one another how that was possible. Lucy, getting curious, tried  to walk back into Narnia. Susan put her hand on her sister’s shoulder, “It’s no good. Remember what the Professor said? He said that we’ll find a way back when we least expect it.”

Lucy pouted, “But I don’t want to wait that long!” she said, in an almost whining voice. Peter stood in the doorway, “Come along. It’s best we leave. Let’s go outside. It’s not raining anymore,” he said.  The four children walked outside, the grass was wet, the smell of wet earth filled the air, and there, up in the sky, was a rainbow.  Edmund looked up, “I wish there was a way to get back into Narnia as soon as possible, because I’m really starting to miss it.” Susan heaved a long sigh, “I’m starting to miss Cair Paravel. Remember how beautiful it was?” she asked. They all nodded and agreed. Lucy kicked up her leg at the grass, humming a little tune. She was beginning to miss everyone she met in Narnia, including Aslan, Giant Rumblebuffen, all the centaurs and, the satyers, the leopards and the unicorns.  She especially missed Mr. Tumnus, who had been such a sweet friend to her.

Back in the spare room, something both surprising and wonderful was happening. The wardrobe’s doors were rattling as if someone was trying to get out of it. The doors finally burst open, and two very young fauns fell out. One was a boy and one was a girl. “Ouch...that hurt...” muttered the boy. The girl staggered up and looked around, “Strange place, this is. I wonder, could this possibly be the country father told us about?” “Which one?” asked the boy. She spun around and replied, “Spare Oom.” The boy looked around, “Humph! Pretty small country! It hardly goes anywhere!” he said.

Back outside, Lucy was again getting curious about the wardrobe. She ran back to the house, up the stairs, and across the hall. She stopped at the door of the spare room, only to hear voices on the other side. She wondered who was in there, but was too nervous to open the door. She finally regained her courage, and slowly opened the door, just a crack though, big enough for her to peek through, yet small enough for it to still look closed.  When she saw the two fauns, she almost cried out in surprise, but she covered her mouth to keep it in. She did, however, make a slight squeaking sound. The two fauns looked in her direction, “What was that?” The boy asked, “No, brother, I think you mean who was that?” his sister replied.

 “I must tell this to the others,” Lucy said quietly to herself. She ran down the hall, down the stairs, and outside, “Peter! Susan! Edmund!” she called. They all looked at her, “Lucy, what’s the matter?” Edmund asked. Lucy ran up to them, panting hard, “In the spare room! Come and see!” she said breathlessly. She took them up to the spare room, only to find it completely empty, “But, I swear! I saw two fauns in here!” Lucy said. Peter looked around. “Lucy,” he said,” we all know you miss Narnia, we all do, but this is no exception to make up wild stories.” Lucy felt heart-broken again, “I am not making up stories! I’m telling the truth!” she said.

            Edmund leaned on the wardrobe door, “Who knows, chaps, maybe we should believe her. She wasn’t lying about Narnia, remember? You all thought she was making up wild stories then too,” he said.   Then, they heard voices, like whispering and murmuring. The voices were coming from the wardrobe. Susan stepped forward, put a shaking hand on the door handle, and threw it open.

Sure enough both the young fauns were in there. They looked a little scared. The girl looked at Susan, who was frozen in shock, and pulled out a small sword. Lucy ran to the wardrobe, “Calm yourself. We’re not going to hurt either of you,” she said calmly. She slowly lowered the sword and stepped out, followed by her brother.

           Peter, whose eyes were wide, quickly closed the door, and locked it, “What are two fauns doing here?” he asked. The girl, whose name was Nivinal, replied, “We were playing in a thicket, when we saw the lamp-post. We were told by our father that he met a Daughter of Eve there. We went past the lamp-post, and through some trees. The trees started getting soft, almost like coats...and well...we ended up here.” Lucy then realized something, both the young fauns had something about them that reminded her of Mr. Tumnus. She stepped closer to them, “What, may I ask, is your father’s name?” she asked curiously. The boy, whose name was Carver, calmly answered, “Tumnus.”

         Lucy’s eyes went wide. She had butterflies in her stomach. Never, in all her time in Narnia, had she known that Mr. Tumnus had children. The moment Nivinal saw Edmund, she was frozen with terror. Edmund however, had quite a different reaction. The moment he saw Nivinal, he was indeed madly in love. She backed away, “’re the traitor! The one who betrayed Aslan! The Son of Adam that sided with the Witch!” she said, pointing to him. Edmund tried calming her down, but it didn’t work. “Leave our brother alone! He’s a hero in Narnia! He’s the one who made the White Witch vulnerable by breaking her wand in the battle!” said Susan defensively.   Carver grabbed his sister and headed for the wardrobe,  “I’m terribly sorry, she just hasn’t been the same since the White Witch returned,” he said. All four of the children stopped short, “Did you just say, the Witch came back?” Edmund said, shivering. Both siblings nodded.  “Well, when Aslan killed her in the battle, he didn’t actually KILL her. She kind of resurrected herself,” said Carver. Susan and Lucy were speechless, Peter’s throat tightened as his heart raced, and Edmund, poor fellow, felt close to fainting.

The four children felt scared, as did the fauns. Then, Nivinal said, “And what’s worse, she’s put a spell over all Narnia, to make it so you all were never Kings and Queens.” “She also put the same winter spell on Narnia like last time, to make it so it’s always winter and never Christmas, which only makes it worse!” Carver said,  Lucy headed for the wardrobe, “We must get into Narnia now!” she said. Carver held her back, “No, she’s way too powerful now, even more powerful then Aslan himself! So, if you want to go charge off to your death, Daughter of Eve, be my guest, but make a smart choice, and stay back,” he told her roughly. Lucy’s eyes began watering with tears, she charged past him, and into the wardrobe. Carver quickly followed her.

Peter and Edmund walked in a few minutes after, so just the two girls were left alone, “Do you think we should follow them?” Susan asked. Nivinal felt a very cold breeze coming from the wardrobe, and went inside. Susan followed. They were again in Narnia. Just like before, it was covered in snow. Nivinal wrapped her scarf tighter around her neck and put her shawl over her cold and bare shoulders. Carver had nothing to put over himself, and was quivering in the cold. Both fauns made a quick dash for their father’s cave, wanting to get out of this cold. The children followed. They got to the cave, and the fauns ran through the door shouting, “Father! We’re home!” in unison. Then, peeking from the chair by the fireplace, was Mr. Tumnus.

He was no longer a middle-aged faun, but the same age he was when Lucy met him, which was quite odd. He looked at Lucy, and smiled sweetly, “Hello again, Lucy Pevensie.” His children were warming themselves by the fire happily, “Now THIS is my idea of comfort!” Carver couldn’t help saying. Lucy ran to Mr. Tumnus’ side, “I see you’ve been hiding certain fauns from me?” she asked, gesturing to his children. He chuckled, “Well, I didn’t have time to introduce you last time. So, I suppose I did keep them a secret.” He said. “You have lovely children.” Susan said. Mr. Tumnus thanked her kindly. Carver looked at his sister, “Did you hear that? She thinks we’re lovely!” he said in a teasing voice. Nivinal sighed and shoved him down, “Shut it, Carver!” she said.

After about three hours at Tumnus’ cave, happily having tea and cakes, they decided to go out for a while, just to look around. Mr. Tumnus stayed behind. He felt a little unsure about letting his children go, but shook the feeling away.  Nivinal took her father’s umbrella with her. Carver’s tail was over his shoulder, so it wouldn’t trail in the snow. Nivinal just kept hers tucked in her shawl, which was now around her waist. The trees were weighted down with snow, and a lot of that snow kept dropping down on them, mostly Edmund and Carver. More snow was about to drop down on Edmund, when Nivinal came up next to him and put him under the umbrella, keeping the snow from piling down on him. Edmund got a little shy when she did this. His cheeks turned a faint reddish color.

They decided to stop for a bit. Their feet, and hooves, ached badly. Edmund’s shoulders and head had snow on them, Nivinal kindly brushed the snow off, “I’m only doing this to keep you from looking like a snowman,” she commented. Carver, being devilish and mischievous, picked up a snowball and tossed it at Peter, laughing boyishly.

Peter picked up a snowball and threw it back at him. Then, there came a snowball fight between the two boys. Edmund soon joined the ridiculous war. The girls stared at each other. Nivinal put a hand to her face, shook her head, and muttered, “ immature.” The other two nodded. Peter snuck up behind Lucy, and dropped a snowball right on her head. Then, Lucy joined the fight. Susan and Nivinal, the two eldest girls, just stared at them pathetically. About half-an-hour later, the battle was finally over and they were on the move again. Peter, Edmund and Lucy were wet with snow. Edmund looked off to the distance, and saw the two hills. In between them, would be the Witch’s house.

Soon after they met a party of centaurs, one of them was a good friend of Tumnus’ children, “ Hello there, young fauns!” he called. They waved back to him, but they had no time to chat, so they were off again. It was beginning to get dark, and the whole mood in that part of Narnia changed. They all had a sense of worry now. Somewhere close, a wolf howled morbidly. Nivinal clutched onto Edmund’s arm, “ I’m scared!” she muttered frightfully. Edmund put his arm around her shoulder, “ It’ll be alright,” he said soothingly. Carver was looking all around him, trying to see if they had anything following them. All around them they heard sounds, terrifying sounds.  Then, they came to a clearing, which was at the very edge of the small cliff they were on. Down in the very middle of the valley, sat a snow-covered dam, “ The Beavers!” Lucy exclaimed, running down. They all followed her. Lucy knocked on the door, and Mrs. Beaver answered, “ Oh, Lucy!” she gasped, giving Lucy an affectionate hug. Mr. Beaver came out, and they all greeted each other warmly. Nivinal and Carver stayed back.

Peter looked at them, and gestured them to come over. “ Who’s that?” asked Mr. Beaver, “ I’d like you to meet Carver and Nivinal,” Peter told him. “ They’re Tumnus’ children!” said Susan happily. Mr. Beaver’s eyes went wide. “ Tumnus has kids? Well, this is quite a surprise! My name is...” “ Mr. Beaver. And, this must be Mrs. Beaver. Father’s told us all about you.” Nivinal said, practically finishing his sentence. Mr. Beaver smiled, “ You two look a lot like your father,” he said. Nivinal thanked him.           “Well, not me. At least father has both eyes,” Carver said. He had a silver-colored eye patch over his right eye. He never liked talking about how he actually lost his eye.

The others looked at him sadly. They felt very sorry for him. “ Now Carver, please don’t talk like that, and stop talking about your eye. Please. You know I hate when you talk about that,” his sister told him, putting an arm around his shoulder. They were all quiet for a while.

In the dam, Mrs. Beaver asked, “ What’s it like being siblings? Do you get along?” Carver shrugged his shoulders, “ We get along sometimes,” he said. “But, not all the time. Carver’s the one who usually starts the fights!” Nivinal commented. Carver took her umbrella and hit her on the top of her head with it.  Nivinal slapped her brother across the cheek, and they both started a rather childish fight. “ Oh, would you two STOP?” asked Susan, “ Well, they ARE brother and sister, so I guess they’ll be fighting a lot,” Peter said, watching the two fauns. They finally stopped when Carver kicked his sister in the shin with the tip of his hoof. They now were sitting with their backs turned to each other, arms folded across their chests, with very annoyed expressions on their faces.

About five hours in the dam, they left finally, receiving fond farewells from the Beavers. “ It’s so cold!” Edmund shivered. He didn’t have anything to put over himself. Nivinal took her shawl and draped it across his shoulders, “ I hope it does you good. You need it more than I do,” she said to him, giving him a sweet smile. Edmund’s cheeks turned red again. “ Edmund’s in love! Edmund’s in love!” Lucy teased in a sing-song voice. Edmund turned to her, “ Shut up, you!” he hissed. Carver, Susan, and Peter soon joined in, singing, “ Edmund’s in love! Edmund’s in love!” teasingly.

Edmund’s cheeks now turned a very deep red, Nivinal saw this, “ Edmund? Is everything all right?” she asked. He nervously nodded, “ Yes, nothing to worry about.” She was still unsure. Carver, who was at the very back of them all, heard a sound that made him quiver, “ Hold hear that?” he asked. They all shook their heads, “ “Bells, like the ones on a sledge!” Carver quickly said. He looked behind him, and there, charging for them, was the White Witch in her sledge. They all broke into a run, but she proved too fast for them. She caught up to them, backing them against the side of a cliff.

            She got out of her sledge, and said with insane laughter, “ Did you think you’d be able to defeat ME? Did you honestly believe for a moment that I’d be gone and that you’d live happily ever after? I’m back for my revenge!” and she stared straight at Edmund. Nivinal rushed in front of him, “ You want him, eh? Well try and get him!” she said. She seemed like she was taunting the Witch. The Witch grinned, “ You can’t protect him. Fool! You’re just a weak, young faun!” she said. She pulled out her small sword (which was kept in her belt), and Carver took out a slingshot from his belt, “ Try me. Try both of us! If you think fauns are weak, just try to get him from us!” Nivinal told her. The Witch pulled out her wand. She struck it down on Nivinal’s sword, and got stabbed on the shoulder. She stumbled back, and almost turned the faun into stone, but Carver shot a rock at her with his slingshot.

          There was indeed blood in this fight, and a lot of it. Most of the blood was from the fauns, who were fighting hard to protect Edmund. The Witch was driven back to her sledge, and took off. Peter decided that the fauns should rest for a bit. They had fought their hardest and were extremely tired. They rested until the next morning, but when they all woke up, they saw Nivinal was gone. They all went looking for her, but found no trace of her.


By Vincent

After they realized that they had been in Narnia for years and only gone from England for two minutes, they jumped back in the wardrobe to go to Narnia. After making it through the wardrobe, they arrived back in Narnia. They were instantly older again.  “Welcome back,” a deep voice said. “Aslan!” Lucy said. “Yes, it is I,” said Aslan. This was a very rare occasion. The last time Lucy, Edmund, Peter or Susan saw Aslan was five years ago. Edmund remembered what Mr. Beaver said “He comes and goes.” “There’s a terror far worse than the witch,” said Aslan. “We don’t have much time. Get on, and I’ll tell you on the way.”

They hopped on the great beast. “Where are we going?” said Peter. “Ainran,” said Aslan. We were instantly somewhere we had never been before. It was a dark place, and it was hard to see. You can feel the coldness in the air. Aslan started off to walk the four children farther into the wilderness. “How do we get into these things?” said Edmund rudely. “Do you ever grow-up?” said Susan.

The children and Aslan were met by a little dwarf. “Move aside,” said Aslan. “Now!” he roared. The dwarf didn’t move. It quickly turned to ice. The children gasped. “What happened?” “The cursed one,” said Aslan.” “What’s that?” said Peter. Aslan explained, “A long time ago, back about five hundred years, he used to be a good ruler. One day, an evil witch came and put a curse on the Prince. No one knows to this day why she did that. He will live forever and have eternal pain. Now, we must move,” said Aslan. “How can we stop the cursed one?” asked Peter. “The cursed one can’t be stopped. You have to break the spell. The only way to break it is for Edmund to be nice to him.” said Aslan. “What!” said Edmund. “Just joking. The real way is to talk to him and try to get into him, to let him free. Only a Son of Adam can do this,” said Aslan. Aslan sent Peter to his castle. Hour after hour, he tried until he did it. The land turned back to its old self and the five hundred old curse was at an end. The children were tired, especially Peter who was awarded eternal life.




Evil has Returned
By Raheem

It’s been over a year since Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were in Narnia.  Narnia is in danger. The White Witch is back and Aslan needs help. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver were turned into stone. The White Witch is more powerful than ever.  She is trying to take over Narnia. Once again, it is winter.   There is a war going on in Narnia.  The White Witch is winning the war. She captured Mr. Tumnus and one of the giants. She’s going crazy this time.

Back in England, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were talking about Narnia to the Professor.  Peter was talking about Aslan, and how he is the greatest.  No sooner as he said his name, Aslan came through the wardrobe door.  “Aslan, what are you doing here?” said Peter.  “I have come here to tell you that the White Witch is trying to take over Narnia again.  The White Witch wants to kill all of you because she wants to be Queen of Narnia.  You must come to Narnia to fight the White Witch,” said Aslan.   They all agreed that they should go and help him.  “I must go, and help the people in the war,” said Aslan. 

Edmund, Peter, Susan and Lucy got all of the gifts Father Christmas had given them the last time. They also got the gifts that Father Christmas gave them this year. Peter got more armor for the war, and he is more powerful. Edmund got the power to make old things new. He is going to help Aslan. Lucy got a wand like the White Witch’s, but Lucy’s wand is for good, not for bad. Lucy is powerful, but she’s got to believe in herself. Susan got a sword that is powerful and it can help her in the war.  Once they had their things, they went into the wardrobe. All of the sudden, they started to feel the cold snow on their feet.  In Narnia, they went looking for Aslan.  Edmund’s horse came back. They rode to Aslan. While they were riding, they noticed that there were many people turned into stone.  Peter was happy to be in Narnia. Lucy found Aslan hiding in the tree. They went to get more people for the war. Susan got ready for the war.  They all got their armor and more people. Lucy was helping people get ready. The White Witch sent a message to all of us.  The message read as follows:

Dear Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve:

            The war is on.  I know that you are here in Narnia, and be ready to die!  Meet me and my army in the same place we fought our last battle.  Be sure to bring that traitor of a brother with you.  Prepare to meet your doom!


The White Witch, and future Queen of Narnia


Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were angry at the White Witch for sending them the message.  “I can’t believe that the White Witch wants to battle us again,” said Peter.  “I want to take on the White Witch this time,” said Edmund.  “Now, now Edmund, she’s too powerful for just one person to kill.  We all need to work together to defeat the White Witch,” said Susan.  The brothers and sisters started on their trek to the battlefield. 

Followed by an army of creatures and people, Aslan, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy noticed the Witch’s army coming towards them.  Her army was big, and included

giants, bears, dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, birds, fish, dragons, lions, bees, bulls, deer, tigers, cowboys and snakes. “That’s a big army,” said Lucy.  “Just remember that you have your family by your side.  Lucy, you should know that family is the greatest weapon you can have,” assured Aslan. 

It’s been a week since the war started.  The White Witch is more powerful and stronger than they thought.  She has been killing people, and turning some into stone.  Edmund and Peter have been fighting the White Witch, but have not been able to kill her.  Susan joins her brothers, and helps them battle the Witch.  They are still unable to kill her.  Aslan roars, and says, “Lucy, help your brothers and sister.  Helping them is the key to defeating the White Witch.  Remember to believe in yourself.”  Lucy takes out her wand, and runs to the battlefield.  Standing next to her brothers and sister, Lucy points her wand towards the Witch’s wand. 

When Lucy points her wand at the White Witch, sparks and stars come out of Lucy’s wand.  The White Witch says, “No! I’m getting weaker!”  As soon as the White Witch said that, her army starts to lose the battle.  The battle finally ends with the death of the White Witch.  Lucy, Susan, Edmund, and Peter are happy that they defeated the White Witch again.  All of the people who were turned to stone were back to normal, and winter was over.  It was time for a celebration.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver asked us to come to their house for a feast. Mr. Beaver was getting some fish. All the good people of Narnia joined us for the feast.  Everyone was happy that the White Witch was gone again.  When the celebration started to end, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy went back into the wardrobe to tell the Professor about their adventure back to Narnia.  The kids were once again Kings and Queens of Narnia. 




Back to the Real World
By Dominic
          That night, while everyone was sleeping, Peter was still awake.  He still had found it hard to believe that he had been an adult king, then a boy, and much like everyone else wanted to go back to Narnia. The next day at breakfast everyone tried to get into Narnia again, but nothing worked. “Why can’t we go back into Narnia?” said Susan “It’s like what the Professor said,” said Peter.  “We can’t go back the same way we came.”  “So, do we have to go another way?” asked Lucy   “Surely there has to be another way into Narnia using the wardrobe?” said Edmund. “I really don’t know” said Peter.

That afternoon Peter and Edmund went to explore the house when they stumbled into a old library.  “My god look at all these books!” said Peter. There were thousands of books, shelves upon shelves of books.  Then Edmund spotted a particular book, one with a picture of a lion that greatly resembled Aslan.  “Wow! I wonder if that is Aslan?” said Edmund “Let's open it,” said Peter.  When they opened the book, they saw pictures of creatures in Narnia and it even had reference to the White Witch and Aslan.  It was called THE LAND OF NARNIA.  “Wow!” said Edmund.  “I wonder who wrote it?” The book didn’t have an author.  Meanwhile, the girls were out exploring the nearby forest when they noticed that it was time for lunch. Susan and Lucy went to the dining hall, but Peter and Edmund were not there. They were still in the library when they found another door that led to the other part of the house. While exploring the house, one of the room doors got stuck so they couldn’t get out.

The girls began looking for Peter and Edmund when they knocked over a vase and they heard footsteps “Oh no! It’s Mrs. Macready!” said Susan. They ran off to the library where Peter and Edmund were.  They opened the door and the boys came rushing out “We’ve finally found you!” said Lucy.   “Mrs. Macready is still coming!” said Susan. 

We need to hide!” said Peter. They went outside to hide in the woods and they waited for a long time when they decided to go back inside. The next day, they got a message from London.  It said that the war is getting worse and that many people died.  They realized they were not going home any time soon, but they were okay with that.  However, Lucy was feeling homesick “Oh, when are we going home?” said Lucy   “How should we know?”  “Oh stop it Edmund!” said Lucy “Both of you stop.  Fighting isn’t going to help get us home,” said Peter “Well, what is?” asked Lucy. “I don’t know?" said Susan “None of us know," said Peter “It's getting late.  Let's go to bed." The next day, the children try again to get into Narnia, but it still doesn’t work.  They decided to go to breakfast. 

While going down the stairs, they fall down a hole that leads to the basement.  They decided that they should split up and look for an exit. Then, Susan finds a way out, but it leads to a dead end.  They were in the basement for a long time. Somehow Lucy found the way out and they were in the spare room with the wardrobe. Later, Peter and Edmund go to the old library and try to find the book they found the last time they were there. They found it under a table. They took it back to the girls.  They all looked at it carefully. While looking at drawings of trolls, Lucy spotted something “Oh I say what is this?”  It was a map with specific directions to get into Narnia.  They tried it again and this time it worked.  They were at the exact time when they left.  They found out what the map was for. It was supposed to lead to an elf king’s hidden treasure but the map said that it was guarded by an army of bloodthirsty spiders. The first destination was Skullrock but, they didn’t go without the proper equipment they got food and drinks also they had got weapons Father Christmas gave them and they even got some new weapons Peter got a war hammer. Edmund got a mace. Susan got a spear and Lucy got a staff. They were off to the infamous Skull Mountain.  When it seemed they had been walking for days, they saw a cloud that looked like it was ablaze and they knew they were there.”What is this said Peter, who noticed that the map only showed Skull Mountain and nothing else. "It's like it's not completed yet,” said Lucy. “It's more like someone stole it,” said Edmund. "Exactly!” said a most horrifying voice. The adults turned around to meet LORD OF THE DEAD SKULLTER. "So, do you think you can intrude on my mountain? Fools!  Anyone who sets foot here will be destroyed!” “Are you the one who took the rest of are map?” demanded Edmund. "I am one of them. You see, when you found the map, you alerted the master. Then, when you stepped into Narnia, the rest of the map split up and each part is guarded by one of us. Once we assemble the map the sacred power of the Elf King will be ours, and the world will be at our mercy,” said Skullter “We can’t let them get away with this,”said Peter.  "That’s it. Prepare to meet your demise," said Skullter, as he unleashed a wave of fire. They dodged it and took cover. Edmund tried to attack, but an invisible force stopped it. They stopped and tried to figure out what was protecting him. Then, they realized it was two stones on his hands. That’s when Skullter rammed them, but instead, he went into a boulder and was stunned. Then, Susan shot the two stones with her bow and arrows. When the stones were destroyed, a stone appeared on his head. Susan shot that and Skullter was defeated. Then, a piece of the map appeared. It said to go to the Forest of Darkness. On the way there, Edmund said, “Are you guys sure you want to continue this treasure hunt?” “We have to, peoples lives are at risk,” said Peter. Then they arrived. Alas, it did take longer to get where they are, but words can tell so much.  They found themselves in a large room where a piece of the map was, but before they could get it, a bunch of vines swallowed it up. That’s when the plant master Jalhagra appeared. "Ah, I have been waiting for you! After you killed Skullter, I took note on how you defeated him, but it won’t be that easy with me! You should know you are doomed.” Then, the vines sprung up out and grabbed Susan and Edmund. A plant bud shielded Jalhagra and was supported by thousands of vines. Lucy used her staff to cut the vines down, then the bud opened to reveal him. After she cut him a good number of times, a bunch of vines grabbed her. Peter used some of the lit torches to burn the bud. Then, he used his hammer to defeat him. They earned a piece of the map and a gateway to the elf palace where the master lurked. Then, after a series of harsh battles they found the Evil Spider Lord the Master's chamber. "So, you’re the ones defeating my minions like dominoes!” he said in an intimidating voice. “We have come here to stop your evil plans,” said Peter. “I’d love to see you try,” said the Master. Then, an army of spiders appeared. The master fired energy waves, but they successfully dodged them. The army wasn’t so lucky and in seconds it was gone. The Master fired several blasts which followed them around. The blasts hit Edmund, Susan and Lucy.  Peter was only one standing more blasts appeared. Peter jumped over the Master and the blasts hit him instead. The Master's heart appeared and Peter plunged his sword into it. The threat of the Master was no more. They got a key which lead to the Elf King's treasure.  Then, the ghost of the Elf King appeared. You have done well. You have proved your worthiness to me. The treasure is yours to keep.  I will take you and the treasure back to your world. In a flash, they were back, thus ending another chapter of Narnia